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Photographer   x   Dreamer   x   Adventurer

Indecisive, excitable, totally random. I would say that I love hard, dream big and crave adventure. Most people just call me quirky.

I could list my gear or explain how old I was when I picked up my first camera, but I’d much rather tell you a story. It’s what I do. And anyone who knows my mother should not be surprised that storytelling is in my blood. Her most recent tale involved the time she almost had to pull out her pepper spray…in church.

So that’s why I’m here. Not the pepper spray bit, but because time goes by so quickly, families grow up, memories fade — this journey deserves to be captured and preserved. Your journey, your moments, your story.

Quick facts:

x   Native Californian by way of Trinidad & Tobago
x   Mom is a former educator, Sunday school teacher and ultimate storyteller
x   Two amazing, successful older sisters (I on the other hand am the wild child, still trying to figure it all out)
x   Animal lover who grew up with every pet you can imagine — I currently reside with two middle-aged feline rescues, Oliver and Sebastian
x   #Brojan – UCLA and USC alum
x   Travel is like food for my soul
x   I change my hair A LOT
x   Dessert before dinner