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The Trip of a Lifetime

Nicole Lennox Prince Edward Island

Rolling hills, sea salted air and the freedom to do whatever my heart desired. The trip of a lifetime – that’s exactly what it was.

My solo trip to Prince Edward Island was months ago but I hadn’t quite found the words to explain the experience. I booked my flight a month before on a whim so that I could happily check it off of my bucket list. I thought I would come back with hundreds of photos but as I roamed the island, I found myself leaving my camera behind because I just couldn’t seem to capture what my eyes were seeing. And so that’s exactly what I did – I took it all in with my eyes…my heart and a handful of photos.

I rented the cutest little orange Fiat, stayed in a bed & breakfast (with the best hosts!) for the first time, ate dinner by myself, took in a fun little show because there was no one there to side eye me; I met and photographed a couple who got engaged just moments before we met and I spent an entire day driving around the island in search of the perfect lighthouse. And guess what? I found it : ).

If you are a fellow die-hard Anne of Green Gables fan, you probably get it. Otherwise, it is hard to explain what this trip meant to me but if nothing else, I hope that my experience will help convince you to take the leap if you have ever considered doing something similar. #SoloTravel. It just might blow your mind.

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