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Together We Roam

#TogetherWeRoam is a pretty popular hashtag on Instagram but I’d bet that it means a little something different to everyone who uses it. So much of life is measured in experiences and it is an absolute gift to be able to share some of the best ones with some of the best people. Earlier this year, I started documenting photo walks with friends using #TogetherWeRoam_ and I have loved looking back and reminiscing on each and every one.

Liz and I trekked out to the Mohave Desert a couple weeks ago to practice, play and pose. Unlike yours truly, Liz knows how to pose so there wasn’t much guidance needed on my end. Click here to check out my awkward moves and Liz’s side of things.

We had quite an adventure getting there but it was oh, so worth it. I was inspired to put together a rough cut video of our road trip. Now, looking back I wish I would have documented more but I’ll just count this as motivation to do it all again. JOSHUA TREE. I will surely be back – soon.





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