Weekly Inspiration: Anastasia Volkova


All photos in this post – Copyright: Anastasia Volkova

Not too long ago, I was reading a an interview with Jean Smith Photography on iHeartFaces.com and she mentioned that her latest inspiration was a Russian photog by the name of Anastasia Volkova.  Little did I know how much this young artist’s work would inspire me as well.  First of all, Jean Smith’s interview was a great source of inspiration, mainly because she came into photography later in life but because of her passion for capturing great photos, her hobby turned into a career. Sound familiar? {I’m closing my eyes and making a wish!} Jean’s story really encouraged me.

I made my way over to Anastasia’s Flicker page . Her ability to capture movement, light and detail is incredible! When I finally dragged myself away from her “Army of Me” set (about 2 hours later), I immediately wanted to run outside and take photos of everything and anything — I wanted to take more pictures of myself, experiment with lighting, shadows, textures, themes, backgrounds…  It was like a high and I felt like I could do anything because no matter what I produced, my art would be my own. Just by sitting there, absorbing her work, I felt free — I felt empowered.  Man, inspiration is an incredible thing.

Copyright: Anastasia Volkova+++

That was a over a month ago and I still haven’t followed through with my initial desire to run out and shoot every and anything. I got busy. I became distracted. Life happened.  It can be a challenge but I have continue to remind myself to stay inspired, creative, driven.



So when the days become long and your goals seem farther away today than the day before, never stop seeking inspiration — your resulting work could be just the inspiration someone else needs.

With love,


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