Weekly Inspiration: Anna Kuperberg

All photos in this post – Copyright: Anna Kuperberg

IHeartFaces.com is such a great website that has introduced me to so many talented photographers. A few weeks ago, I was introduced to fine art wedding photographer Anna Kuperberg.  …I now want to move to San Francisco to become her apprentice. :)

Her answer from an intervew a few years ago is just what I needed to hear this week:

What advice do you have for photographers just starting out? 
Follow your heart and do what’s true to you. Don’t forget that photography is a discipline and requires practice, just like playing the violin or basketball. When it comes to business, you can copy what other people successful people do.  But when it comes to art, you have to strike out on your own. A great photo is a reflection of the photographer’s mind, so it’s impossible to make a great photo by trying to be someone else. There is only one you.

Check out some of Anna’s work:

  • Ekemini

    Very inspirational! Her work is amazing and so is yours. Shine on my friend:-)ReplyCancel

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